Who are we?

We are Natalie and David, the Scrum Dorks! We are Scrum Masters in Cincinnati who are passionate about sharing knowledge with others working in Scrum & Agile environments. Our point of view comes from our roles as Scrum Masters, but we talk about all of the roles and nuances you find when working with Agile. We welcome your feedback, particularly discussions around our articles, so leave a comment if you have an opinion.

Scrum Jeopardy

Who's up for a game of "Scrum Jeopardy"? This game was an easy way for me to create a fun learning experience for my Scrum Teams. Below I have included Game Materials and Game Tips based on my experience. Game

Scrum Team Learning Track

When I start with a new Scrum Team I have open eyes and ears. I am always curious on how "w What is Scrum?  A framework for software development which can be used to address complex problems allowing for creativity,

Looking for Scrum Trivia?

I remember scouring the internet for Scrum Trivia - Fear Not! I created my own and I'm willing to share for $ Free.99. As you review, please feel free to leave any comments.   Q: Scrum is part of the