Who are we?

We are Natalie and David, the Scrum Dorks! We are Scrum Masters in Cincinnati who are passionate about sharing knowledge with others working in Scrum & Agile environments. Our point of view comes from our roles as Scrum Masters, but we talk about all of the roles and nuances you find when working with Agile. We welcome your feedback, particularly discussions around our articles, so leave a comment if you have an opinion.

Get Your Scrum On!

Do your teams complain about too many Scrum Events? Do they have a hard time "getting back to work" after taking time out of the day for Scrum Events? I convinced my team to try Scrum Event Day and over

Retro Tool Comparison

My current team enjoys trying new tools.  After a thorough assessment, they decided they like FunRetro the best - for its' usability and simplicity; no fancy features needed 🙂

Reflecting on the PSM II Experience, Part 2

In my previous post, I discussed my experience with the PSM II Certification exam. That’s what everyone wants the low-down on, right? Straight to the “tips and tricks”. But as I also discussed previously, if you’re seeking out the PSM II