Who are we?

We are Natalie and David, the Scrum Dorks! We are Scrum Masters in Cincinnati who are passionate about sharing knowledge with others working in Scrum & Agile environments. Our point of view comes from our roles as Scrum Masters, but we talk about all of the roles and nuances you find when working with Agile. We welcome your feedback, particularly discussions around our articles, so leave a comment if you have an opinion.

Reflecting on the PSMII Experience, Part 1

Recently I completed a personal and professional goal of mine, obtaining my PSM II Certification. It was a very proud moment for me, and further confirmation that my career change to Scrum Master five years ago was the right one.

Quick Thought: Filling a Sprint Backlog

I recently read the excellent article “Why you should have Sprints that fail” by Maarten Dalmijen in Serious Scrum. It’s great advice overall, but what really caught my eye was the following statement: We did not even create the full

That transparency thing? It’s for EVERYONE!

A fellow Scrum Master told me a story recently that both angered and saddened me. Anger at the blatant disregard for the Scrum Values, and sadness at the realization that organization-wide change remains unimportant at many companies. The story goes